En Badgemaskine rejste til Kenya

Vores badgemaskiner bliver brugt så langt væk som i Kenya. Badgeland har støttet den frivillige organistion RTSP Team der hjælper udsatte unge.

We take this opportunity to most sincerely thank Badgeland Aps, Denmark www.badgeland.co.uk for their generous donation of Button Badge making equipment and parts. Badgeland donated two MiniBlue Badge machines, two circle cutters, and parts for making 2,000 badges. The badge size is 56mm diameter.

This most timely donation effectively equips RTSP www.teensupport.or.ke to be able to start our ‘Badges for Charity’ social enterprise project; proceeds accrued will fund our teenagers’ empowerment programs in personal hygiene and life skills training.

So far the RTSP team has become competent in badge making, we have done a few startup jobs, delivering high quality badges for, two birthdays, a Church fundraiser, music video production fundraiser and an album launch event. We look forward to many, many more jobs from happy satisfied partners.
The Badges for Charity project is in the initial marketing phase to make known our social enterprise to the general public, we welcome all who read this thank you message to spread the word around about this new exciting publicity product. Badges can be used for endless purposes; birthdays, weddings, funerals, memorials, graduations, product promotions, school rewards, name tags, celebrations, activism for many worthy causes, public shows, private functions, just to name but a few. Name the purpose and we shall make a badge for it.

Thank you Badgeland Aps www.badgeland.co.uk for your generous support to our charity.

RTSP Team, Kiambu, Kenya

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